Fee Structure

Registration Fee Rs 80/-
Senior Registrar / Senior Doctor Rs 300/-
Surgeon OPD Rs 350/-
Consultant Fee Rs 420/-
Ward Rs 1070/-
Private Room Rs 2760/-
Isolation Rs 1100/-
NICU Rs 4000/-
ICU Rs 5150/-

As per Nature of case



Consultant Visits
Nursing Charges
3 Time meals for patient and attendants

Corporate patients

If the patient is recommended by an organization that has an agreement with CHQ for treatment of their cases than the patient should have a valid signed letter from the organization clearly indicating the accommodation recommended. For an emergency, admission letter should be submitted the very next day from the organization. The payment of such patient will be collected from the organization directly. Following organizations are on our panel list:

Civil Aviation authority

Self payment patients

Self-payment patients can obtain an estimate of charges and other relevant information from the admission officer. An initial deposit is required to be made at the time of admission. The amount of deposit will be calculated in according to the required days of inpatient care. In case of emergency admission, the initial deposit is payable within the next 24 hours.

Items for personal use

Like comb, brush, toothbrush, lotion for hands, talcum powder, soap, tissue box, diapers, household slippers etc. are required for patients. Please bring these with you. In case these articles are not brought from home these can be provided by the hospital on payment.
Attendants are advised to bring comb, brush, tooth brush, lotion for hands, talcum powder, soap, tissue box, reading material, household slippers etc. for themselves also. Considering the provision of clean and infection free atmosphere for the children, attendants are advised to shower and change clothes daily.
As a policy and for better health of children, the hospital encourages breast-feeding. But for those children who are already on bottle-feeding or use feeders for weaning food are advise to bring feeding bottles. The hospital has special arrangements for cleaning and sterilization of feeding bottles and utensils. The attendants are advised to hand over these to the nursing staff after every feed.

Articles not allowed

No food articles are allowed from outside the hospital. The patient’s food is prepared on the advice of the hospital in hygienic way. Better food helps in early recovery from illness. Similarly attendants diet is also prepared on scientific calculation.

Bedding, Linen, Blankets:
No bedding, linen blankets for patients and attendants are allowed from outside the hospital. All these items are provided by the hospital. Temperature maintenance control system of the hospital maintains a comfortable atmosphere within the hospital. In this environment attendants can sleep with out blanket and linen.

Electric Appliances:
No electric appliances and precious belongings, which are not concerned with patient’s treatment, are allowed.

No medicine is to be brought from home. All medicines are available in hospital pharmacy with 3% discount rate. Please inform the hospital doctor about the medicines being used by the patient. The doctor will decide or prescribe the medicines to be used by the patient in future.

As per hospital policy bringing of any weapons in the hospital premises is strictly prohibited. All such visitors/attendants who possess weapons are advised to deposit these in the Security Room at the main gate of the hospital before visiting their admitted patients.

Patient Clothes:
Patient clothes are provided by the hospital and no personal clothes for patients are allowed in the hospital. Attendants can bring their clothes for change on daily basis.

Smoking chewing tobacco or Alcholic items are strictly prohibited in hospital premises

Special instructions:

Children have less resistance against diseases and are vulnerable to catch infection easily of exposed to such conditions. Therefore children under 12 years are not allowed in the patients area.
Attendants are advised not to visit patients if they are suffering from cold or have in infection common cold indicates low resistance of the body and person can catch disease in this condition while infected visitors enhance the risk of cross infection.
During medical and nursing visits or during house-keeping hours, attendants are requested to leave the ward/patient room. They can wait in the courtyard and patient waiting area in the hospital during these hours.
Visitors are only allowed during visiting hours.
Only one attendant, preferably the mother, is allowed to stay with the patient in the ward.
At a time only two visitors are allowed to visit a patient.

Miscellaneous information

All the payments are made in cash
Over bed tables are specially made to feeding child patients. These are adjustable for eating and reading.
Beds are designed special in order to provide maximum protection and comfort tot he patient during her/his stay in the hospital. Please call nursing staff in order to demonstrate use of hospital beds.
A separate folding bed is available for the mothers. This bed slides under the patient bed after use.
The nursing staff and doctors are available at nursing stations round the clock.
Patients are requested to wear clothes provided by the Hospital for convenience and
protection from infection.
A playroom for children is available in the ward for recreation of sick children.
Mother’s room may be used for meals and relaxation.
The hospital is centrally heated. The automatic thermostat control keeps the temperature of the rooms at a desirable level.
A call button is attached with each bed of the ward for any emergency call of on duty nurses and doctor.
Every bed has its own separate overhead light.
Nursing assistants are responsible to change patients clothes, bed linen on daily basis. They also assist the patients in transfer to other sections of the hospital like laboratory, X-ray, ECG and Operation Theatre.
House keeping persons are responsible for cleaning. These may be called for emergency cleaning apart from regular cleaning.
A well-stacked emergency medicine store is available in the ward for supply of emergency medicine, which is used for the patients in emergencies. Attendants have to replace medicines used for their patients.
For the purpose of cannulation and injections a separate room within the ward is used where patients are shifted for such measures.
Dirty linen room within the ward is the place to keep infectious dirty linen. A disinfectant machine is installed in that room for cleaning such material.
A kitchen in the ward provides equipment for warming baby mil and feed. Patient’s attendant meals are served in the ward by the CHQ staff.
With doctors approval the patients can visit the courtyard and lawn of the hospital for limited period accompanied by an attendant. Please notify the nurse Incharge that you are leaving the ward.
The maintenance staff is responsible for regular repairs and upkeeps. The ward staff may be notified if some thing is not working. They may be called for such issues.
An admission officer is available in the hospital, he may be contacted in case of complaints. He is also responsible to ensure comfort and proper care of the patient.

Visiting hours

Monday to Saturday 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10:00 am to 11:30 am & 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Home going instructions

Doctor determines the discharge date and time. Patients may be discharged at any time during the day. However before departing, the hospital staff will ensure that every thing relating to patients post discharge care in order.
Doctors have written discharge order on your chart and departure plans are finalized.
The patients/attendant have understood doctor’s instruction to ensure appropriate follow up care.